Bear in mind before adopting…

An adoption is not a sale-purchase but a service by which a pet is rehomed. Owning a pet is a luxury, not a basic necessity. It’s a live creature with feelings and series of physical and psychological needs.

Bombón 1Before adopting please think if you will have the time and the means to look properly after your pet. Please consider too if the home you will be offering the animal you plan to adopt is a suitable one for him. Small spaces are not appropriate living environments for the more active breeds. Choosing the right type of pet is important if your future life together is meant to be pleasant, not to say just possible in the long run.

When adopting, you are acquiring an animal for the rest of its life. Animal rescues are full of “mistakes” and “regrets”: we don’t want your experience with us to be one of them. Should you not be able to keep your pet any longer please let us know. We are experienced in dealing with animals, so please don’t hesitate to ask, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in your choice.

When it comes to adopting a puppy and regardless of how attractive they might be, please take into account their personality is not fully developed yet, you don’t know exactly what they will look like as adults and they’re yet to be trained. It’s sometimes preferable to adopt a grown-up dog, whether younger or older, that is already housetrained.

At APAMA we are all volunteers, we have no employees. We all have our own jobs or means of life. We run APAMA believing there are standards in which animals should be kept. We are a very small rescue, and we make all reasonable efforts to offer as high quality as possible with an underlying economic rationale that renders adoption an option to be seriously considered.

Dalí 2The adoption process

Adopting from APAMA requires either a personal interview or, alternatively, providing references, preferably from a registered vet. Alternatively we may accept references from a rescue or a person we would know well. A homecheck may be carried out.

The price of the adoption includes complete vaccination, in-depth veterinary revision, microchip, Passport, deworming and pipette, neutering and frequently transport to Denia (Alicante). Our pets are delivered fresh from the hairdresser, bathed, brushed and perfumed. Neutering is carried out avoiding stitches and the collar, an operation which is slightly more expensive but infinitely better for the animal.

Should the animal already have been neutered by when it arrives to us, should it not be possible to neuter when adopting and operating at our vet in Denia isn’t really possible, we’ll subtract that cost from the price. The discount is 160 € for females and 100 € for males.

The adoption contract makes neutering mandatory though, so should you adopt without neutering, you’ll have to send us proof the operation has been carried out.

Why adopt from APAMA

When you adopt from APAMA all you pay for is the standard veterinary treatments.

APAMA doesn’t give out sick animals but pets ready to be enjoyed by their owners. When you adopt an animal that hasn’t been checked in-depth, you never know how much the vet’s bill will amount to. Adopting a healthy, neutered animal is in the long run CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than adopting an animal without any health guarantees. The keys are two:

  1. Dalia 2– APAMA works with private veterinary clinics, offering its customers better prices than they would obtain if they went directly to the same clinic. They offer specialists and count with means often not available to other vet services. In the more complex cases we always ask for a second veterinary opinion.
  2. All the animals cost the same (except if already neutered by when we receive them or that neutering weren’t possible, in which case we discount that cost). This doesn’t mean all animals arrive in perfect shape. Many have required operations, treatments and recovery before being made available for adoption. APAMA is an animal rescue and covers these costs with its income from members and donations. The adopter therefore saves having to cover these expenses.

When adopting, you will receive a contract and your invoice, specifying VAT. Adoption is confirmed by payment. Together with your pet you shall be receiving its passport, detailing microchip number and vaccines received.

You can download a translation of the adoption contract from our website. It’s a simple contract stating the animal is being adopted as a pet and must be kept in conditions suitable to its physical and psychological wellbeing.

Adoption is a service carrying VAT at the rate of 21%. VAT is included in the price of 200 € for a male and 260 € for a female. Hence the true cost of adopting a healthy, neutered, microchipped, dewormed and fully vaccinated male is 165.29 € plus 34,71 € VAT and 214,88 € plus 45,12 € VAT for a female.

The adoption price is stated in Euros and must be paid in that currency. Payment is by bank transfer, in cash or with credit card. APAMA does not accept checks, Pay-Pal or other forms of payment.

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Delivery of the animal and follow-up

The price shown is for the animal delivered in Denia (Alicante). We can send him to other locations, at the adopter’s cost. The price depends on where the animal must be sent to and in less measure, its size. We only use transport companies offering clean and comfortable travel conditions, with the necessary stops for the animals to eat, drink and walk.

Telma 3From the moment in which you adopt, the animal is yours. If we must keep it for you for some time a rate of 1 € per day is applied (except for very large breeds or animals with special needs). This covers quality food, daily brushing, deworming, a monthly pipette, baths whenever required and three walks per day.

Once the animal has been adopted and delivered, we do a follow-up. We keep in touch with our adopters who send us pictures of their pets, letting us know how they are doing.

Until they find their forever home, our pets are kept in FOSTER HOMES, people who generously offer their houses giving our animals all the love and attention they deserve whilst waiting. If you wish to become a foster home thus helping the next animal to be rescued, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Foster is never a paid service, but APAMA does cover all the costs of its animals kept in foster.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to write to us at

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